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I've been doing this wedding photography thing a while now, but got into it because of my dad.  He handed down cameras to me when I was around 6 years old, and I loved seeing what he and I would capture when we would get our rolls of film back.  I graduated from UCSC (Go mighty Banana Slugs!), with a psychology degree, and then travelled around the world for almost six months discovering my true passion for photography and the beginning of my future career.   

When I am not behind a camera, you will find me out and about hiking or traveling somewhere with my wife Erica (a labor and delivery nurse).  We have a 7 year old named Adeline, a 4 year old named Rowan, and three furry children: our dog Moss, and two cats, Meowby and Steve.  I'm the "cat lady" in the relationship.  I am a huge film buff, I take professional table tennis lessons (for fun, I'm not going to the Olympics), and I enjoy spending as much time as I can with friends and family.


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