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Meet Katelyn!

My first experience with a camera was when my stepdad handed one down to me when I was 14. I fell in love with photography at that point and decided to pursue a degree in it. I received my BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in photography in 2009 and haven't been able to put down my camera since!


I have done every type of photography under the sun but weddings truly speak to me. I love being there to document the most meaningful parts of the day and seeing two people start their new adventure together. It is such a rush hearing the vows for the first time (I always tear up) and getting to watch two families become one. This is seriously the best job! I get to be surrounded by love and happiness all the time!


When I am not working I like to go on hikes with my fiancé David, or play cooperative video games depending on our energy levels. I also like to relax by trying to play my piano (very poorly) or trying to create new music (also very poorly). I am a cat lady, just like Daniel, and have two amazing cats Dusty and Milo who I am high key obsessed with and will show anyone photos if they seem even remotely interested. I value my time with friends and family even if we all live far apart and do my best to stay in touch and plan trips when we can. I am also super into gardening even though I only have a small patio. Weather permitting I will find at least an hour each day to sit outside to enjoy all the birds (we have a pond with DUCKS!), and generally just enjoy the outdoors!

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