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Meet MLV Videography!

MLV Videography, is a high school sweetheart, husband and wife team who fell in love, not only with each other, but with their work. You would never see Monica without a camera in her hand, even as a young kid and now David is just the same.


What sets them apart from other video teams is that they offer full-day coverage for video, they are involved with any wedding planning you may need, and they treasure your friendship for a lifetime. You create their hours for them on your wedding day, as many as you'd like and however you'd like. They are all in for your wedding!


They aim to tell your story as you are, wherever you are, whether you are covered in a puddle of emotional tears of joy, shouting from the highest mountain top, popping champagne bottles in the middle of a river in Yosemite National Park, or relaxing with sweet snuggles under the stars. Capturing the moments you will want to remember along this wild journey of life is what they are here for. Hit them with your wildest dreams and they will make it happen. They are obsessed with all things weddings and elopements, so if you need any help with planning at all in any area or need a buddy just to vent to, they are here.

Wedding Films
2-3 minute highlight
5-6 minute highlight
9-10 minute highlight
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